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NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster WP plugin using too much sever’s memory

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When it uses too much server RAM memory website goes down and 500 error occurring. Who has the same problem? Any idea for resolving it.

ways to invest 60 $ ?

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Hello bhw members

I'm beginner so I was wondering if there is some ways to invest 60 $ ?

50$ to 100$ from ebay every day

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Here is my exactly method on how to can make 50$ to 100$ from eBay every day on very easy way

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25% Discount – Creative Links High TF / CF / DA / PA | TF15+ Links Backed with BBC CNN WSJ

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Is this LEGAL?

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Is it legal to sell T-shirts about Game of Thrones for example? I have contacted multitiple companies like teespring, printful,… and some of they say its okay and some of them its not allowed. but on each of their pages I can see campaigns about T-shirts with TV series images/texts on it.

What do you guys think? Even if its not legal, is there a big risk here?

I have a strategy to promote them, just curious if I should invest time here or somewhere else.


Best Email Validator

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Hi.. Can any one help me with best and free Email validator. I am searching for free and the best one to verify my 2000k mails.

Do not Update Followliker to 9.7.7

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If you are using Followliker do not update to the new version 9.7.7

I did and got a "Status: Click here to reset your license. This license can only be used on one computer at a time."

In other words, my FL stopped working. I've contacted FL Support at https://www.followliker.com/support/index.php?a=add ^(http://marathigang.com/goto/https://www.followliker.com/support/index.php?a=add)

Hopefully they can fix the glitch.

If you've already updated and get the message above, contact FL support ASAP at https://www.followliker.com/support/index.php?a=add ^(http://marathigang.com/goto/https://www.followliker.com/support/index.php?a=add)

8k emails

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Hello there

I would like to know if there is anything that i can do with these emails? i have 8k emails and i want to make some money because i don't have a job right now. The emails are gathered from different websites on my previous work. They kick me out of the team because i can't do some work and being hospitalized is not a valid reason for them so i get those emails a day before they kick me out of the team

Any helpful tips is much appreciated.

Have a nice day to all

JV – Looking for Pinterest/Instagram/Social experts to promote my website

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Hey There!

Getting right to it, I have a website that is a book quotes website with all the elements of being a addictive website.

When it was shared on Reddit, it went viral and was loved by a lot of users there, but at the time the site was very small and not at all viable for long term. So I revamped the entire website and now it is ready to receive traffic and build a community around it.

The site has potential to make a lot of money as it grows even sell for a huge sum down the line….

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