[Journey] $3000/Money Using Amazon + Pinterest

Written by  on September 3, 2017 

I am a newbie Internet Marketer. Newbie because I have never made any significant amount of income online before but this time I am going to be more serious about it, that’s why I am embarking on this journey. A journey of $3000 a month from Amazon, driving traffic from Pinterest.

I have three Amazon affiliate sites, all in the beauty niche. I am currently making less than $10 a month. Funny? Moving from less than $10 a month to $3000 a month sound ambitious, isn’t it?…

[Journey] $3000/Money Using Amazon + Pinterest ^(http://marathigang.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/journey-3000-money-using-amazon-pinterest.945951/)

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